Warehousing: from consolidated shipments to bulk orders

EXPEDIS spol. s r.o. offers a full range of warehousing services, ranging from warehousing and consolidated shipments to bulk orders. We store standard pallets and non-standard items, including oversized equipment. 

Our own warehouses

We have warehouses in Ústí nad Labem and Děčín, with a capacity of 2,500m2 and approximately 20,000m2 of outdoor storage space.
Our warehouses are fully equipped with modern facilities and meet the highest standards requirements for warehouse management.

Partner warehouses in the Czech Republic

In cooperation with our partners, we have access to a network of warehouses across the Czech Republic, with a total capacity of more than 15,000m2. All are located close to major transport nodes.  

Warehousing tailored to customer needs

If needed, we can store goods under special conditions and in locations the customer chooses. We can offer a large number of additional services, including logistics and shipment completion. 

Warehouse with a truck

Warehousing solutions under control

Handover and issue of goods, warehousing, records, checking and identification, goods movement and completion of shipments are managed by a sophisticated internal system ExSS (Expedis Store System). Supported by Helios Orange, ExSS allows data sharing, regular report (status, in-out, FIFO, LIFO, etc.) issue, stocktaking, and online management of flow of goods by customers.

Warehousing in Europe with EXPEDIS

Expedis has a storage capacity of over 50,000m2, as part of a network of warehouses located all over Europe.

Loading a track in a european warehouse

Exclusive warenhousing cooperation in Italy 

Thanks to work with an important business partner, we have access to large storage capacities near Milan in Italy.

Contract warehousing in Europe

We also have warehouses in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. All of them are located near major transport nodes and ports. The warehousing services and facilities meet the highest European standards.

EXPEDIS Truck on the highway

Flexible customer services

In line with customer requirements, we can quickly find a suitable location for and arrange other warehouses. We can choose the best location and provide appropriate equipment. Call +420 412 516 348


+420 777 234 342

EXPEDIS in numbers

Shipments per year
3 000 000
Kilometres per year
1 000 000
Tonnes of material transported annually
more than 20
satisfied long-term customers
Russia, Portugal and Turkey
The farthest destinations we ship to

= We have been on the market for more than 15 years = 15 years of experience

Why choose us?

  1. A complete solution to your haulage and logistics needs, including warehousing, handling and administration
  2. An individual approach and the best, most cost-effective solution
  3. Flexible dispatchers, GPS cargo tracking
  4. Advice on haulage and warehousing
  5. Discounts for long-term customers